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Our survey crews utilize Trimble S6 series instruments, Trimble GPS units and Total Station...

The drone world is making it easier for construction sites to be more productive and safe. See our...

Land Surveying is the technique, profession, and science of determining the terrestrial or three...

We are dedicated to our field of work.

Our ultimate business goal is for on demand service in a fast-paced construction world. Our efficiency with our clients, ensures efficiency with their clients.

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Our standards for integrity and communication are held to the highest level.

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Our team of Estimators, Operations personnel and Field Crews work together for smooth transitions in project progress and quick turn arounds for all requests.

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We have built up our clientele base by consistently falling in line with their projects’ budget.

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American Layout & Land Surveying, LLC is a small business enterprise that provides Land Surveying and Construction Layout.

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